This club was established to provide immigrant women with the resources and skills they need to support them in their transition into the Canadian higher education institutions and Canada. We aim to build their confidence and resilience and boost their self esteem by empowering and equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to reach their full potential and be contributing and active members of the society. We provide them with professional development and soft skills trainings, experiential learning opportunities as well as civic and democratic engagement opportunities. Furthermore, we offer peer to peer mentorship and networking opportunities. Once immigrant women join the club, they will be matched with other immigrant women who have been in Canada for at least five years to mentor them. One of the main programs we have under this club is the Newcomers  Democratic and Political Engagement program. This program will focus on bringing awareness to alternative ways that newcomers can participate in the democratic system, since they don’t qualify to vote.

  • Newcomers Democratic and Political Engagement: This projects aims to engage newcomer women in Canadian democratic and political system. The program has different phases including workshops,  leadership training  ending with an internship. This year is our first cohort and we will be admitting new applicants in August 2018. This program starts in September 2018  and ends in November 2019 right after the federal election. The program aims to give newcomers the opportunity to learn about and engage with politics in ways other than voting.