ABOUT THE Scholarship

Applications for the 2018/2019 academic year will open in August 2018. After the application period has closed, we will review all eligible and completed applications. Three winners will be chosen in October 2018 to receive the scholarship, each valued at five-hundred dollars ($500.00 CAD). The winners will be notified the first week of November. The award will be mailed January 2018 after a proof of successful completion of the Fall courses from your college/university is presented.

Please download and send the filled-out  form to info@mynsar.ca by September 15, 2018


Newcomers to Canada face numerous challenges from the moment they land; most significantly managing their finances and successfully transitioning within their respective careers. In the majority of cases, acquiring a Canadian education or certification can be the only pathway to enter the local job market. However, given their limited financial resources and the various barriers to essential services, they can be in serious risk of losing their savings and wasting years of their life trying to get back on track. Consequently, they find themselves facing two choices: either start from scratch by going back to school, or accept a low-wage survival job to support their families. In many cases, newcomers don’t have the resources and financial means to access education. 

"Based on my first daunting encounter with the Canadian education system, I would have never thought that I would understand it or navigate through it, let alone flourish and achieve my potential. I made a promise to myself that I will always strive to help make this experience as welcoming and as accommodating as possible for every immigrant and newcomer to this country who have the desire and ability to pursue their passions and dreams."        

- Sara Asalya

Our founder, Sara Asalya, founded this Scholarship to help newcomer mothers pursue their education. Sara's  University experience in a Canadian institution was not easy. She had to learn many new things and struggled in covering her tuition fees while having to pay daycare for both of her children while juggling school, work and family. Sara hopes that this scholarship will help many newcomer mothers who want to complete their education and do not have the financial means or the family and network support to do so.